About Us 

The healthcare ecosystem is evolving as the growing number of advanced molecular technologies become available for use at the clinical setting. Healthcare practitioners and academicians are recognizing the importance of working hand in hand as they share a common vision of making these technologies available to the greater public for a more accurate healthcare management. As such, it has raised the consciousness of healthcare professionals and patients alike on the molecular basis of diseases. Together, they strive to integrate molecular techniques in patient care to facilitate diagnosis, prognosis, treatment monitoring, and treatment outcome. Hence, major healthcare facilities – both in and outside of the Philippines – have invested on molecular diagnostic laboratory which can provide a whole range of diagnostic services using the latest molecular technology to ensure that the right treatment at the right time is provided for the right patient.

PriMeDx Inc. is a subsidiary company of Manila HealthTek Inc. (the first Filipino biotechnology research and development company) which aims to harness the potential of omics-based services complementary to existing clinical and imaging diagnostics in providing better patient health information towards improved clinical decision-making. As the first-of its-kind company in the Philippines, PriMeDx aims to be the vanguard of precision medicine in the Philippines, for the Filipinos. PriMeDx anchors its business on the available molecular technologies that has been proven to aid in disease management.

PriMeDx Inc. is a premiere and holistic diagnostics company that focuses on four major areas of expertise: PriMeDx Clinical (general and advanced clinical diagnostics), PriMeDx Imaging (complementary imaging services), PriMeDx Animal Science (veterinary diagnostics), and PriMeDx Kits (genomics/ geneticsbased diagnostics for humans and animals).


• PriMeDx Inc. commits to provide relevant, world-class multi-omics testing products and services, with comprehensive complementary support diagnostics using state of the art technologies for human and animal health in the Philippines and the region.

• We highly value the contribution of our employees’ expertise by providing equitable opportunities for skill-set enhancements and professional growth with a strong, profitable, and ethical financial management of our products and services.

• As our commitment to nation-building, we bring democratized access to state-of-the-art diagnostic platforms


PriMeDx Inc. envisions to be a premier multi-omics diagnostic testing service provider company for a better human and animal health in the Philippines and the region by 2028.

Core Values


We rely on the latest state- of-the-art technologies in providing its services.
Our team of scientists and innovators ensure that our products and
services are targeted to the profile and needs of Filipino patients.


We put value on patient care management. Our team of clinicians and
genetics experts ensures that the design and implementation of our
diagnostics services and products caters to the needs of every patient.


Our pool experts guarantee the delivery of all diagnostic needs of